Animated Antics (2020)

  • Shorts, Children, Family
  • 1h 6m

ANIMATED ANTICS (x 9 Animated Shorts)

A collection of short films from around the world designed to entertain children. Join us as we discover vibrant new worlds, surprising characters, breath-taking landscapes and unknown traditions. All films are in their original language with English subtitles where necessary.

1) CINDERELLA SWING Dir: Myriam Ballesteros; Spain.

It’s prom time at the Brothers Grimm High School!

2) THE JELLYFISH Dir: Mélanie Peltier; France.

In an ocean infested by plastic, a little being leaves his reef and goes on an adventure on a jellyfish…

3) TOKI & DEWEI Dir: Hathaiphat Chuchit, Ophélie Gilger & Ivana Wijaya-Djajawi; France.

In his garden, a young boy and his best friend dream of adventures and super-heroes.

4) NIGHT FEVER Dir: Alice Duverger; France.

In a graveyard, at dusk, a little willow the wisp is looking for love.

5) TOPARIUM Dir: Amélie Laville; France.

While harvests are bad, a villager notices an anomaly far off in the landscape.

6) BIRDINOS Dir: Amalie Holst Bloch; Denmark.

A visual evolution from the dinosaur to the modern bird.

7) GINKGO Dir: R. Beuriot, S. Gomes Cabral, C. Nimsgern Anglard, C. Lux-Romero & S. Berteaux; France.

A small ball will seek its place in the world around it.

8) WORMS OF THE EARTH Dir: Helene Ducrocq; France.

The Earthworm team is here; no legs, no teeth, and no toes; but as tight as musketeers!

9) ZIBILLA Dir: Isabelle Favez; France.

When Zibella falls into an adventure and meets a lion, she gains the self-confidence to roar back.

Age Recommendation: 8+ (Some scenes may be unsuitable for young children).