Animation 2 (2021)

  • Animation
  • 1h 26m


1. A NEW NEW TOWN (Dir: Enoch Liang) This allegorical film narrates Hong Kong’s collective consciousness through the city’s New Town Mall.

2. LITTLE GESTURES (Dir: Richard O’Hanlon & Daniel Brand-Sinyinza) The artist’s apprentice makes its mark.

3. THE ALCHEMIST (Dir: Catherine Kennedy) A film about humanity’s obsession with attempting to thwart mortality.

4. WINGS FOR BUTTERFLIES (Dir: Tilly Wallace) The creatures of a redwood forest face off against the forces of man in a fight for their survival.

5. SONAM AND THE ICE STUPAS (Dir: Joshua Whisson & Safah El-Gadi) For the villagers of India’s arid Ladakh region, high up in the Himalayas, global warming is having a devastating effect.

6. SPINNING INTO SILENCE (Dir: Emily Larkin) A short animation bringing awareness about and showing what life living with a Vestibular (inner ear) Disorder is like.

7. THE POSTMAN (Dir: Tiggy Wheaton) One windy Wednesday morning a man receives a letter that he is afraid to open.

8. APATHY (Dir: Lok Yi Tsoi) A girl realises she is always sweeping her emotions under the carpet.

9. ANYWHERE BUT HERE (Dir: Maitry Rao) A metacommentary film about wanting to go places and see new faces.

10. SECTIONED (Dir: Bella Marie McEvoy) A stop-motion documentary that looks into the lives of young people detained under the Mental Health Act in the UK.

11. VASILISA (Dir: Isolda Milenkovic) An experimental multi-medium animated short film informed by the slavic folk tale of Vasilisa the Fair.

12. DIVINATION DAVE (Dir: Georgia Madden) Savoury snack addict Dave must resort to extreme measures in order to satisfy his salty cravings.

13. SKELETON OF A MOTH (Dir: Emma Kay Smith) A short documentary animation about the emotional difficulties and social pressures that affect teenage girls of today.

14. NOISE (Dir: Abbie Smith) A 3-minute abstract stop motion animation using oil paint that documents a journey through sound, shape, and colour.

15. INK (Dir: Conor Powell) An animation that draws a better life.

16. TRUE COLOURS (Dir: Hanna Lea Wyttenbach) Meeting an old friend in a coffee shop, we follow Nezumi’s internal and external battle of emotions.

17. NUDITY (Dir: Jáchym Bouzek) In a fabric society, a young figure diverges from rigid gender binaries to explore where their identity lies.

Age Recommendation: 15+ (Some scenes that may be unsuitable for young people under 15).

Every year we receive hundreds of entries into CINEMAGIC YOUNG FILMMAKER from young people wishing to share their stories with a wider audience. In 2021 we received over 600 short film submissions from the next generation of young creatives and we a delighted to share with you the competition shortlists.

The shortlists are presented in several different genre packages including – Drama, Animation, Documentary, Fantastic, Experimental, Music Video, Short Shorts and Under 18.

As well as celebrating their work, the Young Filmmaker Shortlist Showcase allows young directors to view films made by their peers and offers the opportunity for them to network online and talk movies! Join us as we celebrate the achievements of young people and meet the filmmaking stars of the future.


English, No Dialogue