Cartoon Capers (2020)

  • Shorts, Family, Animation
  • 1h 6m

CARTOON CAPERS (Animated Shorts)

A collection of 11 short animated films from around the world. Join the celebration of imagination with this programme, packed with unforgettable animation, fantastic stories and captivating characters.

Follow the comedic trials of a newly married couple, the escapades of a dynamic forest doctor, the misadventures of a caveman and the hilarious consequences of a romantic date gone very wrong!

1) JUST MARRIED Dir: Aliénor Bouteloup de Vilers, Marianna Crosetti, Claire Ducluzeau, Donghee Kim, Daphné Peltier, Minh-Thu Pham / France.

A young girl who is about to get married is kidnapped by her Teddy. Bear in front of the church

2) LITTLE DOCTOR Dir: Fanny Brondel, Kelvin Schejbal, Olivia Spadaro, Julie Gournier, Andrei Toroplean, Anyu Rouaux / France.

A squirrel and a crow are fighting for the forest’s plants.

3) TOC Dir: Aitor Herrero / Spain.

Toc, a prehistoric man with obsessive compulsive disorder will live a love story so exciting that it will be remembered until our days.

4) MAIJA Dir: Arthur Nollet, Maxime Faraud, Mégane Hirth, Emma Versini, Julien Chen, Pauline Charpentier / France.

In the Nordic Islands, Maïja, a little girl, waits for the return of her father, away at sea.

5) A DATE WITH MR MAPPLETON Dir: Gabriel Akpo-Allavo, Constance Augé, Julia Brasileiro Lopes Garcia, Lucas Narjoux, Méghane Reynaud / France.

Treasured souvenirs, fuelled by jealousy, attack their owner’s chance of present and future happiness.

6) KILLING TIME Dir: Camille Guillot, Fanny Hagdahl Sörebo, Aleksandra Krechman, Sarah Naciri, Morgane Ravelonary, Valentine Zhang / France.

Loukoum can’t stand the passage of Time anymore. She decides to face it in person and free herself from its control.

7) LEAF Dir: Aliona Baranova / Czech Republic.

A sailor gets an autumn leaf from a small girl and it reminds him of his home.

8) OASIS Dir: Florencia Atria, Léonard Hicks, Man Luo, Claire Matz, Luana Nguyen Tri Luan, Marine Pétri / France.

Threatened by the growing desert, a young boy and his mother try to survive in a small oasis.

9) ROYAL MADNESS Dir: Eunbyeol Ko, Milàn Salmona, Mriganka Bhuyan, Romain Couderette, Sean Lewis, Wenkai Wang / France.

A mighty king has hunted all the monsters down in the kingdom. Now, with no monsters left, he lost his purpose.

10) NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS Dir: Mathilde Poigniez / France.

A small insect, at the lower end of the food chain, endures its position as prey in the forest. But suddenly, the established order is overthrown.

11) THE BEEKEEPER Dir: Robyn Conroy / Ireland.

Deep in the heart of a bamboo forest, a paternal bear watches over Mae, a spirited young girl that he is raising.

Age Recommendation: 8+ (Some scenes may be unsuitable for young children).