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24m Drama, Short 2017

Off the rails and in and out of prison, Ryan’s endless promises to change only amount to empty promises and his life plummets to rock bottom. But does this ‘chancer’ deserve another chance?

Age Recommendation: 12+

*Please note this short film has moderate depictions and scenes of violence.

20 young people from Northern Ireland and Los Angeles, aged 18-25 were involved with this production with support from Cinemagic, Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund and Panavision.

This programme was supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, which is funded by the BFI with National Lottery, through the Skills Investment Fund.

Cinemagic has produced over 100 short films; each production has featured trainees working alongside industry leaders to produce high quality and creative work. Thousands of young people have benefited from these projects with many going on to secure successful careers in the film and television industry.