Diary of an Earth Kid (2020)

  • Shorts, Live Action
  • 1h 38m

DIARY OF AN EARTH KID (Live Action Shorts)

A collection of x 6 new live action short films from around the world.

1) CAKE DAY Dir: Phillip Thomas / Canada.

Cameron emotionally deteriorates as he contemplates the consequences of honesty on a day of celebration.

2) WHEN IT FALLS Dir: Romain Dumont & Antoine Ryan / Canada.

Élie, an ambitious young teenager, finds himself torn between Enzo, a singular sixty-something whom he works for, and his own mother who suspects the man to be linked to organised crime. It’s only when a snowstorm hits the city that he’ll finally make up his mind.

3) BEATEN PATHS Dir: Guillaume Harvey / Canada.

Blogger Maxime is back in his hometown for the holidays. His father Jacques, a retired thrill seeker who’s more the manual type, seizes the opportunity to get closer to his estranged son. His proposal : a father-son snowmobile ride…

4) THE APARTMENT Dir: Justine Gauthier / Canada.

Between tension and tenderness, a mother welcomes her two children in her new and modest apartment for a weekend.

5) ANT Dir: Mischa Meyer / USA.

Four teenagers in South Central Los Angeles plan a robbery - as people take to the streets protesting police brutality - and find unexpected childhood innocence in a comic book store at night.

6) SUMMER FASTING Dir: Abdenoure Ziane / France.

Kader, 11, tries for the first time to make Ramadan fasting. He is joined in this adventure by his friend Rudy who, as a non-muslim, sees this tradition as a new game. The two kids will have to resist against hunger, thirst and boredom.

Age Recommendation: 15+ (Strong Violence, Threat and Language).