Drama 2 (2021)

  • Drama
  • 58min


1. STAGGER (Dir: Céline Ribard) During a heated argument with her younger lover, Olive falls into the memories that originally drew them together.

2. IMPRISONED (Dir: Apra Jain) Scott attempts to persuade his young daughter Eva to have her own children in the future.

3. TOUGH GUY (Dir: Max Roach) Dave is on his first date and it’s going awfully, when asked for examples of how tough he is, he must make a convincing argument.

4. LITTLE GIRL ELIZA (Dir: Amy Jade Doohan) A grieving father bears a terrible secret.

5. A CASTING ROOM (Dir: Tomas Howells) Can we ever assume someone’s heritage from the colour of their skin?

6. MOTHER BEAR (Dir: Adam Grant) A look into the memories of a mother and sons’ turbulent relationship through the narrative voice of an allegorical children’s story.

7. RUSH (Dir: Kieran Shayle) A man’s job is to drop off illegal packages, but what lies within the package?

8. THE FREE (Dir: Angus Django Allison) Four rural teenagers hitchhike to a free party, but things don’t go exactly to plan.

Age Recommendation: 15+ (Strong language and scenes that may be unsuitable for young people under 15).

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