Experimental 1 (2021)

  • Experimental
  • 1h 8m


1. YOU ARE HERE NOW (Dir: Foy Bach) Harry goes to the same bar everyday. He feels stuck. It becomes apparent that Harry may not be acting freely and he is forced to confront the film set he stands on.

2. THE STOP (Dir: Sam Papidas) A man grows increasingly confused and wary after he wakes up at a bus-stop unable to remember how he got there.

3. ROBYN (Dir: Chloe Kennedy) A coming-of-age dance film that follows 16-year-old Robyn, grappling with social anxiety and depression, expressing herself through the medium of tap.

4. BECAUSE OF THE KIDS (Dir: Peter Lavery) A young boy and girl meet in a park one morning. The two playfully hit it off and talk with each other sharing their dreams of what they hope to be when they grow up.

5. LIGHT (Dir: Thomas Zapata) Inside of a dark and continuously changing world, we follow a young man desperately trying to light their inner fire.

6. HIS STRUGGLE (Dir: Flynn Alberry) An imprisoned writer descends further and further into madness as he attempts to finish work on an epic novel before his impending execution.

7. I HAVE A RAT (Dir: Freyja Pakarinen) A woman living in social isolation, on a narrow boat on the London canals, becomes depressed and starts to spiral when she ends up having a rat infestation between the walls of her boat.

8. WORKOUT (Dir: Kit Bessant) A young man stricken with an obsession of physical improvement, goes down a dark path of gruelling exercise, dangerous dieting and self-inflicted mental torment.

9. WHAT’S LEFT (Dir: Cameron Perry) A young man finds himself lost and alone in his hometown; an area where he found great love and excitement as a child.

10. I LEFT MY BODY (Dir: Ellie Egerton White) The story of a young woman living with trauma relating to sexual assault. It touches on themes of struggle, recovery, personal growth and healing.

Age Recommendation: 15+ (Some scenes that may be unsuitable for young people under 15).

Every year we receive hundreds of entries into CINEMAGIC YOUNG FILMMAKER from young people wishing to share their stories with a wider audience. In 2021 we received over 600 short film submissions from the next generation of young creatives and we a delighted to share with you the competition shortlists.

The shortlists are presented in several different genre packages including – Drama, Animation, Documentary, Fantastic, Experimental, Music Video, Short Shorts and Under 18.

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