Experimental 2 (2021)

  • Experimental
  • 56min


1. IT’S BRIGHT RED AND SCARY (Dir: Abi Farrell) It’s Bright Red and Scary aims to convey a feeling of uncertainty and miscommunication – much like that of a memory slowly changing overtime.

2. COMMUTERS (Dir: Archie Dunham) A short experimental film observing commuters travelling back and forth in central Bristol throughout the day.

3. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF (Dir: Elsa Hunter-Weston) This film explores the difficulties facing a young person on the cusp of adulthood as they wrestle with their own identity.

4. DECEMBER. (Dir: Ben Molloy) A young man reminisces on the past and his hometown. He can’t face going back, but why?

5. WITHERING AND BLOOMING (Dir: Alya Kautsaranti) An immersive experience that invites you to enter my headspace and explore my relationship with it.

6. PERENNIAL (Dir: Holly Wilson) Grief weighs you down, suppressing your trauma forces it to manifest itself in the physical. Nothing feels more lonely than personal grief during national suffering.

7. SWEET ’N’ LONELY (Dir: Sorcha Frances Ryder) A surreal short film to a musical soundtrack.

8. BLINK 14 (Dir: Demikel Evans) This avant-garde film plays on sound-image relationships to create an all too familiar space that is just out of reach.

9. TO THE TOUCH (Dir: Jasper Banerjee) A short experimental dance fusion film that explores tactility and the physical expressions lost over lockdown.

10. #NHSPAY15 (Dir: Saul Knight) An experimental dance film, highlighting the struggle NHS workers face during the pandemic.

11. BREATHE (Dir: Callum Mian) A short film following a young adult who is suffering from social anxiety.

12. 8MM MINDS (Dir: Jordan Vukomanovic) 8mm Minds aims to explore the life and memory of our experience of being human through the eyes of someone with dementia.

13. REVERIE (Dir: Alycia Potter) If dreams can come true, what does that say about nightmares? are they really here or have you lost your mind!

Age Recommendation: 15+ (Some scenes that may be unsuitable for young people under 15).

Every year we receive hundreds of entries into CINEMAGIC YOUNG FILMMAKER from young people wishing to share their stories with a wider audience. In 2021 we received over 600 short film submissions from the next generation of young creatives and we a delighted to share with you the competition shortlists.

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