Fantastic 2 (2021)

  • Fantastic
  • 1h 2m


1. TO DO OR DIE (Dir: Leo House Villares) Calvin is stuck with his messy girlfriend in lockdown. Cabin fever starts getting to him, as his ‘To Do’ list seems to take on a mind of its own.

2. THE LEGEND OF CUTTY DYER (Dir: Jacob Housego) A short film based on the gruesome Dartmoor legend of “Cutty Dyer”. The water sprite is said to inhabit the River Ashburn in the town of Ashburton, and preys on naughty children and irresponsible drunks.

3. KOKORO (Dir: Oisin Lavery) A young woman is injured and on the run. When approached by a stranger she must determine if this man can be trusted and how to escape the threat which peruses her.

4. LAST MAN (Dir: Seb Brindle) A short film about the last man in the world.

5. THE DEMON (Dir: William deBretton Gordon) A girl prepares to meet a dangerous Demon that she knows will soon arrive. Though she is not quite ready to accept her fate.

6. TV HEAD (Dir: Harry Thompson) An average Joe comes home to find his well-being threatened by an unknown entity.

7. THE VISITANT (Dir: Abraham Fieldsend) A man in isolation during a national pandemic wakes one morning to find he cannot access one of the rooms in his house.

8. MILK (Dir: George Irwin) A socially rejected man attempts to reach out to his connections as he is slowly cut out of their lives, leading him down a dark path.

9. HE WAITS DREAMING (Dir: Elliot Wood) When Jeremy discovers a strange book, he finds himself stalked by a mysterious figure with a love of B-Movie Horror tropes

10. KUYA (Dir: Joshy Lee) A young boy is stricken by grief with the loss of his little sister.

11. GAST: HEADLESS HORSEMAN (Dir: Catherine Jablonski) An artist film exploring memories of home town ghost stories using super 8. This short film explore the director’s story of the headless horseman who rides the streets of Chavenage lane in the rural West Country.

Age Recommendation: 15+ (Some scenes that may be unsuitable for young people under 15).

Every year we receive hundreds of entries into CINEMAGIC YOUNG FILMMAKER from young people wishing to share their stories with a wider audience. In 2021 we received over 600 short film submissions from the next generation of young creatives and we a delighted to share with you the competition shortlists.

The shortlists are presented in several different genre packages including – Drama, Animation, Documentary, Fantastic, Experimental, Music Video, Short Shorts and Under 18.

As well as celebrating their work, the Young Filmmaker Shortlist Showcase allows young directors to view films made by their peers and offers the opportunity for them to network online and talk movies! Join us as we celebrate the achievements of young people and meet the filmmaking stars of the future.