Hear My Voice (2021)

  • Shorts, Drama
  • 1h 31m

A collection of shorts following the lives of seven strong and resilient young female protagonists as they overcome setbacks, obstacles and challenge social prejudices.


(Dir: Ben Price / UK / 2020)

A troubled young girl who feels shut out from the world finds a way to connect with it again when she finds an unlikely haven in a Manchester boxing gym. In English.


(Dir: Chloe Law / UK / 2020)

Mel, a 17-year-old guitar enthusiast, is completely obsessed with her favourite musician, Hugo Turner but she must confront this idolised version of him when he is accused of sexual harassment and find purpose in her own passion. In English.


(Dir: Ethosheia Hylton / UK / 2020)

Ready to leave her UK boarding school and enter the working world, Dọlápọ̀ faces pressure to change her name and natural hairstyle. In English.


(Dir: Rebekah Fortune / UK / 2020)

A young woman struggling to process her recent Aspergers diagnosis finds an empowering, magical talent for animation. In English.


(Dir: Ingride Santos Piñol / Spain / 2019)

During a high school literature exam, rebellious high school student Melisa confronts her teacher in front of her classmates. In Spanish with English Subtitles.


(Dir: Jo Widerberg / Sweden / 2020)

A girl wants to tell her boyfriend that she loves him. But she wants him to say it first. In Swedish with English Subtitles.


(Dir: Arvin Kananian / Sweden / 2020)

14-year-old Julia records spirited videos from home, but behind the scenes life is overshadowed by the threat of her violent father. In Swedish with English Subtitles.

Package Age Recommendation: 15+

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