In Search of Myths & Heroes (2020)

  • Shorts, Animation
  • 1h 5m

IN SEARCH OF MYTHS & HEROES (Short Animations)

A collection of x 10 new animated and experimental short films from around the world.

1) INSTINCT Dir: Arthur Allender, Mathieu Antoine, Léna Belmonte, Cyrielle Guillermin, Victor Kirsch, Elliot Thomasson / France.

In a dense and icy forest, Piotr, a young hunter, finds himself violently paralyzed by a bear trap. While he is slowly freezing to death, the prey he was hunting approaches…

2) OPALE Dir: Marion Aknin, Basile Delille, Vincent Leclerc, Iliès Machou, Léopold Prengère / France.

Claire, a young women has just arrived in an alternate version of Paris flooded by the Seine river. She will search a path to find a beloved one. The journey will be full of wonders and dangers.

3) BLIND EYE Dir: Isabela Littger De Pinho, Bruno Cohen, Rohit Kelkar, Yujia Wang, Germaine Colajanni, Rohan Deshchougule, Diego Porral / Canada.

In a world that worships the Almighty Eye, two siblings find themselves escaping from sacrifice, only to discover their world is not what it appeared to be.

4) OUT OF RANGE Dir: Yijia Cao, Lana Choukroune, Cécile Guillard / France.

Sue, a lawyer living her life in the fast lane, needs to go to the most important meeting of her career. On the way, a car breakdown forces her into the forest. During her wandering, she will find her true self.

5) UR ASKA Dir: Myra Sofia Hild / Denmark.

Two women live happily together, one starts to transform, disturbing their usual dynamic. The one left unchanged has to decide how far their love goes.

6) DEUX OISEAUX Dir: Antoine Robert / France.

Jean, an eight-year-old city boy, spends his holidays at his grandparents’ farm. He spends his day playing cruel games with the surrounding animals. But this violence is nothing compared to what takes place in the shed, a room that Jean does not even dare entering.

7) IRON ME Dir: Ivan Rabbiosi / France.

Pedro, a sporty young man, shares his life with an ironing board. In town he is a role model, and everybody admires him. One night, however, everything falls apart…

8) 400 MPH Dir: Paul-Eugène Dannaud, Julia Chaix, Lorraine Desserre, Alice Lefort, Natacha Pianeti & Quentin Tireloque / France.

On the Bonneville salt flats, the sound of roaring engines can be heard in the distance. At the wheel is Icarus, a chimpanzee hell-bent on transcending the limits of speed. 

9) ON THE BEACH Dir: Samuel Chovan / Slovakia.

A 3D animated film about the D-Day beach landings that uses a new hybrid technique to achieve a hand-painted look while relying almost entirely on 3D.

10) THEMES Dir: Danijel Žeželj / Croatia.

A journey through the humanist tradition of European painting clashes with the tragedy of the current-day immigration crisis.

Age Recommendation: 15+ (Violence, Threat and Language).