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Like the Ones I Used to Know

1h 32m Short, Drama 2022


A package of new award winning live-action international short dramas representing a range of contemporary social & cultural themes. (Age: 15+)

(Age Recommendation: 15+)


Hope (Dir: Shaun James Grant)

An exhausted couple stop at a diner in the early hours of the morning in the middle of nowhere. Their journey tells a tale of sadness, but what really happened? We begin to understand that the situation they’re in is far from ordinary.

Precious Hair & Beauty (Dir: John Ogunmuyiwa)

An ode to the mundanity and madness of the high street, told through the window of a West African hair salon. It’s the everyday antics of a bustling Highstreet.

Sinking (Dir: Shaun James Grant)

Torn between her feelings of fear and love a young woman living in a rural isolated house endures a mental and physically abusive relationship with her partner.

Asunder (Dir: Janet Marrett)

Olivia, a trainee professional, finds herself opposing the government that is seeking to criminalise her mother. ASUNDER offers an intricate story about family, politics and justice.

The Other End (Dir: Nia Childs)

Shona’s partner doesn’t come home one night. Fearing the worst, she sets out to find him.

Folding (Dir: Paul Sng)

Folding instantly takes the audience inside the frantic world of Li (Shin-Fei Chen, Chinese Burn), a vulnerable, injured Taiwanese woman on the run. Desperate to escape the men pursuing her, she seeks uninvited shelter inside the home of eldery St Lucian widower, Errol (Joseph Marcel, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). Despite not speaking one another’s language, the two form an intimate bond of friendship over the course of one day. What unfolds is a universal tale of compassion and trust that reveals two resilient people helping one another through trauma and grief.

Like the Ones I Used to Know (Dir: Annie St-Pierre)

December 24, 1983, 10:50 p.m.: Julie and her cousins ate too much sugar, and Santa Claus is late. Denis, alone in his car, is anxious about setting foot in his former in-laws’ house to pick up his children.

Fish Fingers (Dir: Lars Mulle)

Summer is over and it’s hard to let go.

Running Time: 92 mins.

Screening as part of Cinemagic ‘On the Pulse’ Short Film Festival.

‘On the Pulse’ is funded by the Department for Communities through Northern Ireland Screen.


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