Music Video (2021)

  • Music Video
  • 44min


1. REALITY (Dir: Tom Fuller) An experimental animation and psychological drama music video for the song “Reality” by Archie Brown.

2. MIEL - ORCHIDS (Dir: Miguel Cármenes& Clarissa Itschert) The video follows a girl through the night as she digs deeper into her own mind and her desires after finding a mysterious tin can. The tin can takes her on a ride she will never forget and a kiss entails a big revelation.

3. MOTHER SAID (Dir: Joseph Derrick & Samuel Elphick) When things seem bleakest, a mother’s words can inspire a journey to a brighter future.

4. NOBODY - MUSIC VIDEO BY OWEN LAMONT (Dir: Matt Layfield) A team of Teesside University animation students worked remotely during lockdown to create a music video to accompany the latest release from Belfast musician Owen Lamont

5. DAVID KEENAN - PETER O’TOOLE’S DRINKING STORIES (Dir: Istar Gutierrez & Edgar Gisbert) An extraordinary mix of spoken-word verse and wild, free-rolling folk-rock.

6. DRAGGING ME DOWN (Dir: Gabriela Maria Sibilska) A music video exploring the internal turmoil that comes from being in a toxic relationship.

7. FLY HIGH (Dir: Rhiannon Davis) An animated music video made in collaboration with the band ‘Second Knives’ for the release of their new single ‘Fly High.’

8. IN THE OCEAN (Dir: Gabriela Maria Sibilska) Experimental music video for a singer-songwriter creating fusion between Polish folk songs and Javanese scales and instruments.

9. OPENING SEQUENCE (Dir: Sophie Thompson) The music video takes you on a journey through Seoul from day to night, through dark alley ways, onto the Hangang River through dingy under passages, aiming to provoke feelings replicated by the film.

10. VENICE (Dir: Anayis Der Hakopian) A romantic 2D animated music video based in Venice, California. A musical story about dreamily drifting and looking to the future.

11. EKULA - DANCE AGAIN (Dir: Ozai) We want to dance again. Dedicated to the dance, the nightlife that means so much to so many of us, we miss you.

Age Recommendation: 15+ (Some scenes that may be unsuitable for young people under 15).

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