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Once Familiar

1h 43m Short, Horror 2022


A collection of new short films to elicit chills and thrills! From ghost stories, to creepy tales of rural folklore and with a good splattering of body horror there’s something here for all fans of the macabre.

(Age Recommendation: 15+)


Bubble (Haonan Wang)

On an ordinary night, a man is eating a bowl of herbal plants in front of a woman, transforming himself into the woman’s food.

Aria (Dir: Christopher Poole)

A couple are excited to install a new Aria “smart security system” in their home. But while she adapts to life alongside their new domestic overseer, he becomes increasingly paranoid about what may be lurking outside their front door at night.

Know the Grass (Dir: Sophie Littman)

Three siblings in a rural town stumble upon a local community centre and family secrets are unravelled.

Survivers (Dir: Carlos Gomez-Trigo)

Natural selection says that only those who adapt will survive. What if humans have become stupid?

Ember (Dir: Nathalie Seidl)

Documentary footage merges with the imaginary, as we descend into the apocalyptic world of modern Krampus rituals through the eyes of a lone female.

The Phantom Limb (Dir: Daniel Fowlie)

As he deals with survivor’s guilt and depression, David is soon haunted by his deceased fiancé and attempts to reconnect with her.

IEVA (Dir: Vytautas Plukas & Domas Petronas)

Man tries to recreate himself by how he views himself, but this broken reflection only gets lost in the uncanny valley.

Once Familiar (Dir: Ruben Gonzalez)

A girl awakens in the middle of an unknown forest. Seeking a way out, she begins to follow someone only to discover they are her mirror image.

Red Room (Dir: Bryan M. Ferguson)

The relationship between Orla, Tom and Daniel is challenged after a reality-destroying moment of possession.

Running Time: 103 mins.

Screening as part of Cinemagic ‘On the Pulse’ Short Film Festival.

‘On the Pulse’ is funded by the Department for Communities through Northern Ireland Screen.


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