Shorts for Shorties 2021 (2021)

  • Shorts, Children, Animation
  • 1h 13m



A collection of new short animations designed to appeal to young children.

1. COLOURFUL Dir: Cha Jae-hyeon, Hwang Byeong-hyeon; South Korea; 2021; 9 mins

Will decides to invent special glasses for his colour-blind dog.

2. I’LL BE BY YOUR SIDE Dir: Lee ju-I; South Korea; 2021; 6 mins

One day, in a new school, Doong-yi’s secret is revealed!

3. TWINKLE THE TOOTH FAIRY Dir: Han Seoa; South Korea; 2021; 6 mins

Tinky is a tooth fairy who has long forgotten his childhood innocence.

4. LITTLE ROOMMATE Dir: Simon Ott, Fabian Schaeublin & Hannes Oehen; Switzerland, 2021; 2 mins

A short film about a music loving mouse.

5. WARM STAR Dir: Anna Kuzina; Russia; 2020; 4 mins

A bird that keeps order in the sky accidently drops a star during a cleaning chore.

6. THE WITCH & THE BABY Dir: Evgenia Golubeva; Russia; 2020; 5 mins

An ageing witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again.

7. PEA CHILDREN Dir: Dace Riduze; Latvia; 2020; 14 mins

8 little Pea Children break out of their green pod house.

8. AUTUMN MAN Dir: Ivana Guljasevic Kuman; 2020; 3 mins

Autumn Man travels through the forest changing the leaves on the trees from green to brown.

9. LITTLE GREY WOLFIE – FALL TRAVELLERS Dir: Natalia Malykhina; Norway; 2020; 6 mins

Little Grey Wolfy wants to join the birds on their migration south for the winter.

10. MORGAN, THE BRAVE ORCA Dir: Marcos Martin Munoz; Spain; 2020; 15 mins

The story of the rescue of the orca whale Morgan.

11. PENGUIN AND THE WHALE Dir: Ezequiel Torres & Pablo Roldán; Argentina; 2020; 3 mins

A little penguin’s icy home is beginning to melt away.

Age Recommendation: 3+

Available to watch between 1st - 7th October.

Screening as part of Cinemagic Belfast.

Cinemagic Festival is funded by Belfast City Council, Tourism NI and funded by the Department for Communities through Northern Ireland Screen. Cinemagic is supported by the BFI FAN Film Exhibition Fund, awarding funds from National Lottery.