The Story of My Life...So Far! (2021)

  • Shorts, Documentary
  • 49min

Documentary shorts celebrating the unique lives of young people. From young Kwinten struggling with anxiety as his navy officer father leaves on another mission; to Romy who’s leaving school early to travel to France to perform in her family’s touring circus and finally we meet Felix who is attempting to better understand the world via his own radio show.


(Dir: Daphne van den Blink / Belgium / 2020)

Kwinten misses his best friend Obi, who has just moved away. But even more he misses his father, who is on a mission with the navy. This is a documentary for young people about loneliness and how to deal with missing those closest to you. In Dutch with English Subtitles.


(Dir: Nina Landau / Belgium / 2020)

Romy has to say goodbye to her classmates because she’s going to France. Not on holiday, but to work there: her family’s touring circus will spend the entire summer performing in an amusement park. In a letter to her classmates, Romy talks about the ups and downs of her life as a circus artist and about her big dreams. In Dutch with English Subtitles.


(Dir: Lauranne Van den Heede / Belgium / 2020)

For Felix, who has autism, hosting his own radio show is a way to try and better understand the world around him. In Dutch with English Subtitles.

Package Age Recommendation: 12+

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