Triple Trouble (2020)

  • Family, Comedy, Adventure
  • 1h 26m

When the crown jewel of the collection, “Beach at Pourville” by Claude Monet, disappears from the National Museum in Poznań, and Julka’s aunt is falsely accused of the theft, Julka and Olek must find the painting and reveal the identity of the true thief. It’s soon time to investigate, but when Felka, a crazy twelve-year-old appears, trouble quickly follows! A story of jealousy and trust intertwines in this stunning fast paced crime mystery for the whole family.


Age Recommendation: 8+ *Contains mild language references and mild scenes of peril. Suitable for young people 8+.

Available to watch between 16th - 29th July.

Screening as part of Cinemagic Dublin.

Cinemagic Dublin is supported by the Department of Education and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.