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You Are Here

9m Drama, Short 2019

A mother comes to realise that her screen addiction is affecting her relationship with her young daughter.

Age Recommendation: 8+

YOU ARE HERE was a co-production between Cinemagic and the Donegal Film Office and supported by the Ireland Funds.

In September 2019 Donegal Film Office hosted a Film Camp, to produce a short film made by young people, under the guidance of Cinemagic industry professionals, with a focus on good relations. Fifteen budding filmmakers from across the NW cross-border region, aged 14-20, had the chance to develop their talents and earn a credit on the local production. The young filmmakers were provided with an invaluable insight to all aspects of filmmaking and the essential skills required to work in each department.

Cinemagic has produced over 100 short films; each production has featured trainees working alongside industry leaders to produce high quality and creative work. Thousands of young people have benefited from these projects with many going on to secure successful careers in the film and television industry.


Sam Nutt